By Anali Martinez @TheNuevaLatina

I do not want to go to work today. How am I supposed to get through the day? Is is Friday yet? Staying motivated these days can be hard.  And with the daily Facebook timeline posts, it seems that everybody is either on vacation most of the time or that they all have their ish together.

Staying motivated isn’t something that comes naturally. You have to learn how to do it. That’s what I am here for you, girl! Here are 10 Tips to help stay motivated all day, errrday and in turn make your life, and your career, event better.

  1. Hop up out of bed and turn your swag on.  You may not be Shakira or Beyoncé, but girl YOU WOKE UP TODAY. Be happy that you are alive and ready to take on another day. Hop out of bed and turn your swag on. Get it. I see you.


  1. Channel your inner boss bitch. Walk to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and give yourself a pep talk. You are a bad bitch. You are a boss babe. You are beautiful and amazing. If YOU don’t think highly of yourself, no one else will. Channel your inner boss bitch and you will be ready to face the day.


  1. Dress for success. Dress the part. No matter what, you should always dress the way you want to feel. If you are loving your outfit on a certain day, you tend to have a better day overall. Choose your clothes the night before so that you can just slip it on and head out the door.

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  1. Listen to a podcast on your daily commute. Podcasts are the radio of the future. With the rise in popularity of podcasts there are so many out there to help you stay motivated and help you keep learning. Latino USA from The Futuro Media Group is  NPR’s only national Latino news and cultural weekly radio program. In their weekly episodes they explore topics that we can all relate to and give us a look at the true diversity of the American experience. That Pop This Life with Latinas, Karly and Cynthia is a fun and entertaining podcast. Karly and Cynthia are long time friends who come together once a week to talk all things life, social media, and pop culture. They will make you laugh and cry. You will feel like you just left happy hour with your amigas when you get to work.


  1. Set up your workspace to make it yours. Surround your work space with things that make you happy. Bring pictures of your boyfriend or your abuelita to have something to look at when you are feeling down or when you start to lose motivation. There are also websites like See Jane Work and Paper Source who sell chic and hip office supplies that will make you want to stay at work.
  1. Take a break. Sometimes you need a break, girl!! I know you want to take over the world, but taking some time to breathe and recollect your thoughts in needed at times on the path to success. Take a 5 minute break when you feel like you are starting to get distracted from your work. Go outside, take a walk, or just sit in a silent place away from your desk. When you come back you will feel refreshed and motivated to keep going.
  1. Remember why you started in the first place. At the end of the day, we are all doing what we do in our daily lives for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Remember where you came from and how you got here. Your mami y papi didn’t spend their time and money raising you for you to give up that easily.
  1. Find your tribe.  Empowered women empower women. Surround yourself with people who make you a better person and who you want to help be better people in return. Building your tribe is essential to building your empire. They will be your support system and will always be there if you need advice or someone to have some margs with after work. Our amigas over at have created the first social network for U.S. Latinas. Head on over and sign-up today to start building your tribe.

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  1. Brush your shoulders off.  Everybody makes mistake. When you fall, pick yourself back up, brush your shoulders off, and move on. You may not have had the most amazing day at work yesterday, but you can make it better today.
  1. Beyoncé wasn’t always Queen Bey.  Jennifer Lopez wasn’t always J. Lo. And Eva Longoria wasn’t always Eva friggin’ Longoria. Building your empire will take time and you can start to lose patience and motivation along the way. But, always remember that all boss babes were where you are right now at one point on their path to greatness.

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Now, you can go out into the world and get it. Keep gettin’ it and kill it, girl!