SupaDaily™ is for Latinas & Multicultural Women Moving Forward Boldly

Celebrating Our Individual & Collective Power as Latinas, Women of Color –  Black and Brown Culture Makers

We Write about Current Events, Politics, Pop Culture, Race/Identity, Feminist Issues and Share Our Personal Stories

to Help You Make Sense of the World Today and the Future

Monthly Contributing Writers

Azucena Rasilla Journalist, Pop Culture/Entertainment

Joanna Jacobo Rivera – Journalist, Multimedia – Gender

Crystal Letona – Journalist, Politics

Amy Quichiz – Essay

Amanda Tello – Essay

Paola Muñoz – Essay

Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez – Guest Contributor

Selena Lara – Special Projects

Homegrown in the San Francisco/Bay Area with National Reach. We Are All About Giving A Nod of Appreciation, A Retro Throwback, If You Will, To Our Revolutionary Roots As Latinas, Women of Color  👊🏼👊🏽👊🏿

We Are A Female-Led, Latinx-Owned Media Company – We Are The Audience

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